Saturday, January 10, 2009


I visited three book stores this week.

Syasya and I went to Kino, KLCC on January 7th. Maw beli buku romance seperti yang diarahkan lecturer, tapi tiada yang menarik. Walaupun lecturer berharap kami semua dapat menjauhkan diri dari buku bergenre fantasi sepanjang semester ini, Nana telah membeli sebuah novel dari genre terbabit. Well Witched by Frances Hardinge.

Kak Didi and I went to MPH, Mid yesterday [January 9th]. Maw beli buku romance seperti yang diarahkan. Kebas kaki mencari buku yang menepati criteria yang telah diberikan oleh lecturer [Romance/Social, British author, British setting, released in 2008]. Akhirnya jumpa, dan Nana pun membeli ‘Goodnight, Beatiful’ by Dorothy Koomson.

Tengah hari tadi, Syasya dan Nana pegi MPH, JJ pula.. sekali lagi, Nana telah membeli sebuah lagi buku dari genre yang dihalang oleh lecturer itu. Mintak maaf, sir. Saye tak dapat menahan diri.. I bought Dragon Rider by the author of Inkheart, Cornelia Funke.

p/s : Nana jugak beli mouse pad baru. Mouse pad yang lama itu agak bodoh, susah maw guna. Susah maw wat graphic dengan mouse pad itu. Kadang-kadang, rasa macam maw baling saja mouse [walaupun mouse pad yang salah]. Maka, demi keamanan manusia sejagat, Nana telah membeli mouse pad baru :)

After stealing some coins at the bottom of a wishing well, friends Ryan, Josh, and Chelle must heed the wishes of a dangerous witch who demands that even the darkest of requests are granted before they are released from her powerful grip.

Firedrake the silver dragon sets off on a quest from his quiet Scottish valley home which is under threat from human settlers to find the mythical Rim of Heaven, a sort of dragon paradise where he and the other dragons can live in peace.

He is joined by a bad tempered brownie Sorrel, orphan boy Ben and by Twigleg, a tiny creature called a homunculous, who unknown to them has stowed away in Ben’s bag and is spying for the evil Nettlebrand, a strange manmade golden dragon, who hunts down and kills silver dragons. They journey by night with Ben and Sorrel strapped to Firedrake’s back as he flies towards the Himalayas, following the map given to them by a map making rat called Gilbert Greytail. On the way, they battle basilisks and giant eagles, have run-ins with wicked dwarfs and annoying elves but get help from unexpected sources like a giant serpent, a mischievous djinn and from archeologist Professor Greenbloom and his family.

everybody has secrets . . . will this one break somebody's heart?

Eight years ago, Nova Kumalisi agreed to have a baby for Mal and Stephanie Wacken. Halfway through the pregnancy, the couple changed their minds and walked away, leaving Nova pregnant, scared and alone.

Eight years ago, Stephanie was overjoyed at the thought of becoming a mother - until she found a text from Mal to Nova saying, 'Goodnight, beautiful'. Terrified of losing her husband to his closest friend, Stephanie asked him to cut all ties to Nova and their unborn child.

Now, Nova is anxiously waiting for her son, Leo, to wake up from a coma, while childless Stephanie is desperately trying to save her failing marriage. Although they live separate lives, both women have secrets that will bind them together for ever . . .

Incredibly moving and powerfully written, Goodnight, Beautiful is a tale of love, friendship and new beginnings.


ButirStar said...

nana telah memberikan kaklong impian untuk membeli buku witch tu dgn buku dragon rider!!! thanks a lot. bile gi shah alam nanti, kaklong akan menyerbu MPH. Nyahahahaha!!!

NaNa PynkFaery said...

2 kaklong :
nana amat berbangga krn telah memberi kaklong impian.. haha!

pembebel yang setia ~ said...

dragon rider itu best gilaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dh 3x sy bace!

Hanna J. Potter said...

woi, ceaptlah tukar bookshelf! and add kak nani di shelfari. mai kita meramaikan bangsa melayu di situ!

NaNa PynkFaery said...

2 pembebel yg setia :
oh ya??
ni yg x sabar maw baca.
sy masih belum baca,
sbb wrapper sudah abes, kena beli baru.
sy x baca buku yg belum dibalut.
takot rosak~ haha

2 kak nani :
ya.. sebentar..

pembebel yang setia ~ said...

cik nana, sila update! hehe :)

NaNa PynkFaery said...

2 pembebel yg setia :
ya.. ya..
maybe esok nana update~

krn sy banyak kerja~~
tdk smpat wat new post~

keTiDaks3mPurNaAn said...

header sangat sexy!!!
hajimman sexy! :p
betulkah Korea saya??

NaNa PynkFaery said...

2 Q :
sy pun x bpe pandai bhs korea ini. kalau ikot lirik amigo tu, btol lah nampaknya XD