Friday, August 1, 2008


SHINee are described by SM Entertainment as a "contemporary band". They gained particular attention from the Korean press due to the fact that they are all middle school students aged between 14 and 18. The members were chosen due to not only their singing and dancing abilities but also due to their language skills, the members being able to speak Korean, Chinese and English.

The name SHINee is derived from the English word "shine" with the suffix "ee" (the name is pronounced the same as the English word "shiny") and is interpreted as meaning a person in the limelight. It is said to represent the group's ambition to mesmerise music fans of all ages with a variety of musical styles.

The hype around the group began when a teaser video was posted on the group's official site. Netizens were keen to hear the new group and started drawing comparisons to DBSK and Big Bang due to not only the group's music but due to their appearance.

The hype was not without reason, the group's album being backed not only by one of the biggest entertainment companies in Korea but also but a team of stellar songwriters including Young Jin-Yoo, Young Hu-Kim and Jamie Jones of American boy band All 4 One.

The group officially debuted on May 22nd 2008 with the release of their debut mini-album Nunan neomu yeppeo (Replay) and on May 25th 2008, the group made their first appearance on TV on the show "SBS Popular Songs".

The future looks bright for this new group, with potential listeners throughout Asia.


Tsukiko said...

Owh.. so these are the guys that u told me about over dinner?
*typing with eyes half closed*
i've decided to like ft island and ft island alone...!
(konon solemnly promised ;p)

NaNa PynkFaery said...

yeah ^^.

ft island will b my most fav k-band.

but i will also like SHINee, they're just too adorable!

NaNa PynkFaery said...

satu masalah teknikal telah berlaku, maka komen Dasarangmin terpaksa nana masukkan kat entri ni scara manual, huhu. GOMEN huda ^^~~

DaSarangMin♥ said...
Minat spe?
I minat Onew & Key
Seriously,dorg tuh mmg berbakat gle...
Lgu best Replay,In My Room,LOve Should Go On,Real...

nana : nana suka onew ngan taemin! ^^. tp, sumanya comel2, suke sume lah! mmg berbakat, dance sgt best! nana suke lagu replay .. huu

EmcEE_SubZeRo said...


knapa ayat yg nana-chan buat ni mcm literature review? hahaha

boleh kot jd editor majalah. XD ada bakat. *clap2*

NaNa PynkFaery said...

nana 2 en. azeem :
alamak~ jgn lah salah sngka. nana pun xde bkt jd editor mjalah. artikel ni nana samun dr web mane ntah. lupe nk kredit, patutlah kamu salah sgka~ huhu. gomen, gomen.

Chazzie Fairuz said...

perghh..dah tulis pjg2 tapi cannot find server! jahat nih!!
anyway, masa dipreview je group ni I fell in love with them! pedophile la plak!

my fave : Minho (tapi dia agak syp)
Jonghyun - muka men, and suara sgt sdap
key - gaya cam syp tapi bila dah stat kacau hyung2 dia, boleh tahan gak.. key omma!

onew : the leader.. he should learn more from leeteuksshi..haha.

Taemin - the youngest! suka showmanship dia onstage.. salah ke, penat ke, tetap snyum..and pndai mnari..

lagu diorang sgtlah berbeza from TVXQ and SJ and that's make them special. Nmpaknya after SJ and HOT, this is my fave group forever!

Chazzie Fairuz said...

can't wait to get my SHINEE- mini album!! hahaha...bila la nk ada jual poster Shinee ni..

NaNa PynkFaery said...

2 chazzie :
akak beli ke mini album dowrang?
wah, best nye!

btw, nana suke key n taemin!!!

Chazzie Fairuz said...

ha'ah...FYI, akak hanya akan beli album yg akak btol2 suka (McFly, Fahrenheit, Super Junior M) akak lokek sket nk kuar duit bli CD ni sbb everything akak slalu dpt full album dload from the Net.

tapi since sgt suka, akak pun preorder album shinee kat TS.. jon teman akak amek! haha....

NaNa PynkFaery said...

huu.. bestnye..

selau dpt full album kat net mcm mane?
nana cari ft island's the refreshment~ uh.. xjumpe..

TS tu time square ek?
hu, nana boleh d katakan keluar stiap minggu. rase mcm dah abes bajet, baru sbulan mula sem ni..

nnt dah amek tu, gtaw la. besh nye! lagu dorang sume best x?

Chazzie Fairuz said...

biasa kwn akak bg..nanti akak crikan FT island.. sebenarnya akak da ada full album ZHINEE..tapi still nak beli CD.. ala, since mini album , so ada 5 lagu je and sumer BEST!!!!

nnti akak ltak kat blog akak...