Thursday, August 2, 2007

Back Dorm Boys

Rase boring je hari ni. Well, hari ahad mmg slalu ny sgt boring. Nk cuci baju, nk rehat, sume dah wat pd hari jumaat dn sabtu. Bila hari ahad tiba, dah xtaw nk wat ape. Jadi, tetiba Nana rase nk menulis ttg Back Dorm Boys. I repeat, Back Dorm Boys, not Backstreet Boys. Mayb korang tertanye2, sape Back Dorm Boys ni? Xpnah dngar pon? Jgn terkejut, krn kemungkinan besar korang pernah menonton video clip dorang, coz dowrang mmg feymes, cuma d m’sia jarang org taw name dowrang. So, mari berkenalan dgn Back Dorm Boys.

Penah x korang tgk satu video clip yg kelakar gile, dibintangi oleh two charming Chinese guys, lip syncing lagu “As Long As You Love Me” nyanyian asal Backstreet Boys? Dlm bebanyak video clip dowrang, videop clip ni yg paling feymes d M’sia. Kalau korang penah tgk, sukacita d maklumkan, dowrang la Back Dorm Boys!!

Dalam carta top 10 clip2 merapu paling popular d sluroh dunia, Back Dorm Boys d tangga ke 7! Back Dorm Boys refer to a Chinese male duo who gained fame for their lip sync videos to songs by Backstreet Boys and other pop stars. They are also referred to as "Back Dormitory Boys", "Chinese Backstreet Boys", "Dormitory Boys", and "Two Chinese Boys". Their videos have been viewed by Internet users within China and around the world. Many of their videos can be seen on Youtube. The two, Wei Wei and Huang Yi Xin were sculpture majors at the Guangzhou Arts Institute. As many fans do not know the real names of the Back Dorm Boys, Wei Wei is often called simply "the big one" and Huang Yi Xin "the small one". In most videos, Wei Wei is seated on the viewer's right and Huang Yi Xin on the left. Huang Yi Xin has a cast on his left arm in some early videos from when he got hurt playing basketball.

A third "dorm boy", Xiao Jing, is in the background of most of the videos. He is often playing the Counter Strike computer game while Wei Wei and Huang Yi Xin are performing. His back is usually turned to the camera and his face is only rarely seen. They have all graduated from that university in June of 2006.

The Back Dorm Boys received mainstream media attention in the United States through The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Their act was acknowledged in the pilot episode of the US series "Heroes" where 2 Asian males sporting red basketball jerseys were singing the Backstreet Boys' "I Want It That Way" in a pub. (The "dorm boys" were wearing Houston Rocket jerseys in the original video). Ni paling dahsyat!! Sampai masuk “Heroes” tue ..)

While still at school, the Back Dorm Boys were signed as spokespeople for Motorola in China and, one of the largest Chinese Internet portals. The 2 boys were then signed by a Chinese talent company and moved to work in Beijing after graduation. The background guy found work back in Guangzhou and the 3 buddies keep in touch, sometimes through on-line gaming. As such, later videos do not feature their dorm room or the background guy.

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