Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Untitled #2

I really like doing that.
But I decided to quit,
because I already promised Mak last night.

I'll never forget those memorable moments.
It's tiring, and enjoyable at the same time.

By quitting, I will stop making Mak worried.
And I will stop hiding things from her, too.
[believe me, I feel like banging my head against the wall everytime I did that]

I know I'm doing the right thing.
I already explained everything to Mak last night.
Mak is an angel without wings for forgiving me.

Yes, I'm sad because I have to quit.
I will overcome this sadness very quickly, I know.
It is for Mak after all.
Mak is #2 in my life, next to Allah SWT.
And I ♥ Mak so much.


Trini said...

wat is this, nana?

Anna J. Potter said...

nining, this is a poem. lmao. jk jk XD. ini.. em.. ape ye..?

♥ 나나 ♥ said...

nani...? :-/

SoMeOnE_gUiLtY said...

apa nihh..

SoMeOnE_gUiLtY said...

oit2, ni beta nih. sultan negori9(dh duk cni, kena tukaq la). apa ni tuan hmba?? hmba xpham.. letih mmbaca. btw, marketing x nama beta?? hua3..

SoMeOnE_gUiLtY said...

ni beta nih, sultan negori9(dh duk cni, kena tukaq la dr perlis). btw, apa ni tuan hmba?? letih beta mmbacanya..

SoMeOnE_gUiLtY said...

apa niii...

Luna said...


Tis ok hunny.. Perhaps this is for the best..

tapi nanti kalo kitorang tak cukop player, leh invite Nana kan?


Anna J. Potter said...

♥ 나나 ♥ :
ini.. luahan perasaan .. XD

SoMeOnE_gUiLtY :
siapakah anda.. ?

2 Luna :
I'll be happy .. ^^. Thanks for the offer :)

Max J. Potter said...

this is life. we let go of things for ourselves. sometimes we let go of things for the people we love. losing those things isn't the end of the world. and tho sometimes it's not even clear to us what good will come out of this, we still have to move on. will i ever get over it? sometimes we ask ourselves that.

time heals lots of loss. give it a chance. and besides, semua yang buat kita berasa down itu sebenarnya bukaan kepada perkara yang lebih baik yang sudah Allah SWT prepare untuk kita.

just go with the flow. grow out of it. smile like you really, really mean it. and your true path will definitely unfold - yellow bricks or not, ruby slippers on or not - happiness comes to those who endure with patience and bravery.

and as far as i know, bravery and endurance runs thick in our veins - it's in the family. it's thick in you as it is in me.

i don't have to look deep inside my heart, i KNOW that you will walk through this, proudly with all the courage you have.

isn't that what we're made of; courage and success?


with lots of love.

your sister. the only one you have.

Anna J. Potter said...

kak nani,
sila tepuk tangan, anda berjaya membuatkan adikmu ini mengalirkan air mata untuk keberapa kali entah, XD.

"and as far as i know, bravery and endurance runs thick in our veins - it's in the family. it's thick in you as it is in me."

thanks T.T

"isn't that what we're made of; courage and success?"

*nods, teary eyes*

terima kasih, kak nani. i feel much better now ^^.

*virtual hugs!*

ButirStar said...

short but deep.

tu je nak cakap.